Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia

People make amazing music. EXITMUSIC.

Japandroids = Song of the Summer. Turn it up. W-Hall will be rocking.

Bill Walton + camping + Grateful Dead = New favorite picture.

Bill Walton + camping + Grateful Dead = New favorite picture.

Now THIS is how you wake up.

Lemme tell you something … and I want you to listen to me … are we clear?

He made out with every girl in the world.

And he ain’t that tall.

Plus, he has 400 houses, 400 mouses and 400 houses.

h/t to Jesse Walker (W-Hall 4th floor)


I hate to admit this, but I was slow to come around to My Morning Jacket.

MMJ was barely on my radar before Bonnaroo 2011 (my first Roo), but from the opening few minutes of “Victory Dance,” I was hooked. The show started just as the sun was setting and the crowd was buzzing. I was waiting in a line to get in the pit for the Arcade Fire show (which lived up to my expectations x1000), so I was just off to the side for MMJ.

And they blew me away. Jim James crushed it with his fur boots and black cape.

There are a few good videos of the show from Bonnaroo, but this one from a show at KCRW is one of the best I’ve found of MMJ. They play the entire Circuital album, which kicks off with, of course, Victory Dance.


If ever there was a music to go with slow-motion videos that recreate photos taken from the ’50s, Explosions in the Sky is it.

Then again, EITS makes just about everything better.

Where it all began.The Zen of Malarkey.
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Where it all began.

The Zen of Malarkey.

Established 1995.